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Vedic Astrology, Indian AstrologyTraining in Vedic Astrology - Distance Learning – Self Study

Astrology is the study of the stars and their influence upon human life on earth, has been in vague since Vedic times. Scholars have done research on many references made to Astrology in the Vedas………<read more: “Vedic Astrology”>

The aim of this training is to enhance the traditional and professional astrologers to acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes of our Indian Astrology which is said to be the eyes of “Veda”, the Sacred Literature of India.

To be an instrument for understanding and propagating our traditional values and heritage though a proper knowledge of Astrology.

Recently interest in astrology has been revived in India and also other countries of the world. Our ancients were called Nakshatra Darshakaas (Star-gazars). In India astrology as a science is woven into the fabric of our culture. It is a heritage that has to be preserved at all costs for posterity.

Who can attend this training

This programme, is meant for aspirant Astrologers, Astrology lovers, Lovers of Indian Values and Ethics, Lovers of Indian Culture and Heritage

Training Objective

  • Enhance the competence of Prediction with objectivity.
  • Create comprehensive understanding about Astrology.
  • Comprehend the skills of various remedial measures mentioned in our scriptures to overcome from the hurdles of life.
  • Develop new skills required for an Astrologer in prediction

Duration: 1 year (enrol anytime during the year)

Valid till 3 years


  • Distance
  • Self Study Course material will be provided through pdf format

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